Happy 8th Birthday Warrick!

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Happy 8th Birthday Warrick! Warrick had a fabulous birthday party this year.  Instead of the usual water slide he invited 10 of his best class mates to a great party held at home and the trampoline hall “Rush”.  We all … Continued

Birthday Messages to Warrick

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Happy 7th Birthday Warrick Wow, you have nearly finished you first year at Sweet Valley Primary School. You really love your teacher Mrs Altern and invited your 20 closest class mates to you waterslide pool party.  The weather was a … Continued

Warrick’s is 6

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I love November!  It’s close to the end of the year, summer is here to stay and it’s Warrick’s birthday on the 19th.  Claire came to visit us for Warrick’s “Birthday week” and this time she brought James, Nick and … Continued

Qrra Nis

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A story by Warrick, 23 April 2013. Warrick has been begging me to let him “make a book” on my computer.  Having no real idea about what he actually wanted I relented and gave him access to “word” while I … Continued

Warrick turns 5

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November in Cape Town has seen a couple of traditions starting up.  Daddy sneaks away for a weekend at the beginning of the month to ride Wines 2 Whales and our KZN family visit us for Warricks birthday week.  Imagine … Continued