Dylan’s 7th Birthday Party

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Happy 7th Birthday Dylan we hope you enjoyed your Superhero & Pizza party.  Your friends seemed to have a great time which is the point.  No major accidents this year we only had two casualties.  Batman thought he could fly … Continued

Dylan’s 6th Birthday

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Dylan has just had his 6th birthday party.  This year rather than gamble with the weather we decided to have Dylan’s party at RUSH.  Dylan invited a whole bunch of class mates, no girls, and they had an absolute blast. … Continued

Mauritius 2016

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Hopefully by naming this post 2016 there will be a 2018,20 one day too.  Our holiday to Mauritius was inspired by Ali’s 40th celebration and the feeling that a family holiday would be more memorable and special than a 40th … Continued

Happy 8th Birthday Warrick!

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Happy 8th Birthday Warrick! Warrick had a fabulous birthday party this year.  Instead of the usual water slide he invited 10 of his best class mates to a great party held at home and the trampoline hall “Rush”.  We all … Continued

Dylan is 5!!!

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Dylan has turned 5!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY big guy! This year we celebrated Dylan’s Party with a bunch of pre-selected (by Dylan) class mates.  We we’re also spoiled and delighted to have Granny Mac, Auntie Claire and Dan Dan make the … Continued

Oscar Introduced

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It was rabbits or a cat and we nearly went down the “rabbit hole” but decided against it because they really don’t give much back.  In the end they probably would have been confined to an outside hutch and forgotten.  … Continued

December 2014

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This year we squeezed it all in.  On the 17th of December we packed up the car, with a dog this time, and drove to Plett.  Sarah and her family had already been in Plett for a couple of days … Continued

Birthday Messages to Warrick

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Happy 7th Birthday Warrick Wow, you have nearly finished you first year at Sweet Valley Primary School. You really love your teacher Mrs Altern and invited your 20 closest class mates to you waterslide pool party.  The weather was a … Continued

Dylans is 4

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This year we celebrated Dylan’s birthday in Mozambique.  It was quite a low key affair so we promised to throw him a birthday party when we got back home.  To be honest I’m not too sure he was that bothered … Continued

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