Happy 8th Birthday Warrick!

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Happy Birthday Warrick!Happy 8th Birthday Warrick!

Warrick had a fabulous birthday party this year.  Instead of the usual water slide he invited 10 of his best class mates to a great party held at home and the trampoline hall “Rush”.  We all had such a great time and it was a day to remember.

Warrick you remain a happy, enthusiastic and smart young man.  You have had a great year at school and home.  You still enjoy your tennis, hockey and cricket.  This year you have also started piano lessons.  Your piano teacher has been very impressed with your progress asking you to play in assembly on a couple of occasions.

Once again you have been given a great school report by your grade 2 teacher Mrs Charles.  She says that you are a friendly, polite “little boy” who demonstrates a mature and sensible attitude to school.  She also says that you are always attentive in class and are a fine example to your peers.

Warrick you have made us very proud parents and we love you more than ever XOXOX OXOXOOOOXXX.

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