Oscar Introduced

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It was rabbits or a cat and we nearly went down the “rabbit hole” but decided against it because they really don’t give much back.  In the end they probably would have been confined to an outside hutch and forgotten.  So a cat then? I have been a bit concerned about getting a cat due to Ali’s “allergy” issues but after much consideration and deliberation we took the plunge.

I had no idea it would be such a rigmarole.  We scoured gumtree and the other online classifieds but didn’t find any suitable leads.  Most of the adverts were for fully grown cats that needed a new home, which set off a few alarm bells.  Then there were the pedigree kittys being sold for R2,000 and up.  To be fair we did respond to an advert for a couple of 8 week old “British Shorthair” tabbies but the breeder didn’t get back to us.  Maybe that was a good thing because they were being sold for R1,500.  We then decided to visit the animal shelter “Tears” last Sunday morning.  We were pretty sure we would be coming home with a kitten but discovered that we would first need to bring Boris in for a “compatibility test”.  They didn’t come back to us with an appointment on Monday morning, they still haven’t come back to us, so we decided to look else where.

The good old SPCA was next on the list.  I took Dylan and Warrick to visit the SPCA cattery on Monday at 15H00 (I know Sean likes details).  We saw a couple of young cats that we liked but were hoping for a younger kitten.  The cats are kept two to a room with their bedding, sandbox and food.  They spray you with a sterilizing fluid after handling each cat.  Hands, shoes, legs and face.  Dylan was less than impressed.  Luckily the next kitty we looked at would prove to be the last.

Oscar (Warrick named him) passed our little personality test with flying colours.  He is  a fawn and white moggie about 14 weeks old.  A moggie is a no name brand which are apparently tougher and have more character.  He certainly is a brave little cat. He is very friendly and hasn’t stopped purring since we got him.  In fact I have never know a cat to purr this much.  Once we decided to take him we discovered that there were a few hoops to jump through.  Boris would need to come in for an assessment and then they would send someone out to the house for a home inspection.  There was also the matter of a R100 application fee/donation and questionnaire.  Once they deemed us suitable owners we were then required to pay an additional R630 but this fee will cover all future inoculations and pet sterilization.  I took two very excited boys to collect him on Wednesday.

We are still getting him used to being in a new house with new playmates but he seems to be doing fine.  I introduced him to Boris this morning.  The meeting between Oscar the “moggie” and Boris the doggie was uneventful which is a good thing.  Boris isn’t to sure about this new addition to the family and can’t quite figure out why this little dog smells so funny and has such a weird bark.  Anyway he hasn’t eaten Oscar so we are off to a good start.

We are all delighted to have Oscar join the family and I’m sure he will be a wonderful addition to the pack.  Oh and nobody is sneezing…..YET!

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